Present owner relocating
Low priced for quick sale
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Great secure beachfront property with rustic bungalow and all installed utilities!

Live in a wonderful estate with other foreigners surrounded by well maintained houses and tropical gardens.

You may build your home away from all the hustle and bustle but still not far from the international airport and all the shopping malls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Latest additional information and FAQ‘s

There are more than 20 individual lots leased to foreigners like americans, canadians, australians, swiss, french, germans and some more nationals, with private Houses/Bungalows. A restaurant-area and about 30 bungalows for tourists.

The whole place belongs to a thai family (Mr Chung and his wife Keow). The land-title is Nor Sor 3 Gor, which is very safe. It is properly registred at the Land Department, including the Long Lease Contracts.

The house itself is a rustic, so called bungalow, simple, not big. You may build a new house according to your ideas/needs.

The bungalow may be upgraded/renovated with small money. You may also build a pavillon near the beach to have more space outside.

There are really no restrictions in buildings. The only thing is that they dont like, if you want to open a business inside the resort. (Except if you agree with the landlord)

You can build a kitchen as well, if you wish so. On the Island you can not buy a lot of foodstuff. But there is a local marketplace on the mainland and all the big shopping centers on the way to Krabi.

If you want to build a new house I am sure that the landlord will assist you with everything. He and his family are permanently living inside the resort and are very helpful.

The water is managed locally. They have a pond nearby. Electricity is coming from the mainland and the powerline continues to Ko Jum and Ko Pi Pi. Good Internet is available.

About the costs: basic gardening like cutting grass, cleaning leaves is 12.000 Baht per year / 2000 sqm. There are meters for electricity and water. Some Tax has to be payed, but it is not much – the landlord is doing that, you do not have to go to the Tax office.

The landlord does not demand any further lease fees. Only the costs for maintenance, electricity, water and property- and housetax, as I have mentioned before, have to be paid.

The Landlord is running an account book where they put every thing on, also what you spend in the restaurant, expenses for transport, what so ever. The account book you have to settle from time to time….

Access: There are two connections to the mainland with regulary ferryboats, good for motorcycles but not cars. On one pier the ferry is leaving on every full hour; on the other pier they will go any time or you can arrange a special trip at very low cost, or let Mr Chung arrange it for you. Anyway the island is not far from the mainland and on one pier they have covered parkspaces for cars. All landowners enjoy that there is no car traffic on the Island – except a few pickups for transports. No police is needed ether because there is no crime at all!

Anyway there is a bigger ferry that can be chartered to bring a truck, bulldozer, building materials and so on.

My reason to sell: In the last few years I have spend very little time on Siboya, thats why it does not make sense for me to stay involved there.

Please take into consideration: Siboya Bungalows is the best place that you can find. There you’ll meet always interesting people.

Siboya Bungalows is very save, Mr Chung is very helpful with everything that you want to do there. He keeps the trouble away. If you intend to buy somewhere else you will surely discover a lot of problems. (I know, what I am taking about, since I am travelling a lot and I come regulary to Thailand since 1975).

Transfer of the Land:

I am the sole person (lessie) in the contract which makes it the most easy to transfer: I would just cancel the lease, the land goes back to the owner with who you can make your new contract. Or you may modify my contract for your needs.

The Land prices are on a steady rise. The Land price on the mainland is already 3 to 4 million Baht per rai (1600 sqm) but you can rent only large plots and you do not have the advantages and safety that you have on the Island inside the resort. (pls. google Long Beach or Hat Yao)